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Do I Need Triple Glazed Windows?

Do I Need Triple Glazed Windows? The window industry is split on whether triple glazed windows are superior to double glazed windows or whether the increased costs are just not worth the benefit. This post will aim to weight up the positives of triple glazed windows with the perceived negatives.


In essence a triple glazed window is an extra pane of glass with an added air or gas space in between. As air is a poor conductor of heat, this space will help to reduce heat loss through windows. If your house has well insulated walls,
roof and floor, but only single glazed windows or old double glazed windows, you may notice that cold spots appear next to your windows, particularly at night. Windows are certainly the weak spot in the building envelop and that is why the extra insulation provided by Triple Glazing can be popular.

There is hard evidence that Triple Glazed windows improve insulation and this can be measured by the U-Value of a window. The closer the value is to zero the better. For example, Single Pane Windows have an average U-Value of 5, older Double Glazed Windows tended to get a score of 3, modern Double Glazed Windows score 1.4 but Triple Glazed Windows can score as low as 0.8.

An extra pane of glass also allows manufactores to apply an extra coat of Low E, a reflective coating which bounces heat back into your house. Low E coating was an important break through in the industry, particularly in terms of energy efficiency, and therefore an extra coating can only be seen as a positive.

There is a popular misconception that Triple Glazed Windows will provide sound insulation over similar specification Double Glazing.  There is no audible difference between the two.  If sound Insulation is important we can provide Double or Triple Glazed units with Acoustic glass.


Many of the negatives attributed to Triple Glazed Windows can be traced back to some of those who sell them. Triple Glazed Windows are not better than Double Glazed Windows just because 3 is higher than 2, there is a myriad of factors at play, that all revolve around the customers needs. If the customers home is in a climate that gets particularly cold in winter, then Triple Glazed Windows will definitely improve heat retention, decrease the prevalance of cold spots and improve the general energy efficiency of the home. However, not all customers need Triple Glazed Windows and therefore it is important those selling have the customers needs at the forefront.

Issues such as the weight of Triple Glazed windows and their impact on usability and structure of the frame, are more issues relating to the installation of the Triple Glazed Windows and that is why Quality installation and build should always be preferred over the cheapest installation and build.

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